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Onychoscopy: The Diagnostic Procedure for Nails

Sometimes, a simple physical test is not enough to identify the disease or condition from which the person is suffering. At that time, it becomes essential to have a procedure dedicated to the job that can quickly identify and determine the diseases and conditions. 

There are different diagnostic procedures that doctors from all the world are using, and one of them is the onychoscopy. Generally speaking, onychoscopy or nail biopsy is a diagnostic procedure that is used to diagnose nail for any infections or conditions. This procedure aims to make an expert diagnosis and identifying any disorders. Studies show that onychoscpoy can only identify diseases and disorders, but they can also help to identify nail tumors as well. 

The Procedure of Onychoscope  

Different from the traditional physical and visual tests, in the procedure of onychoscopy, a device called dermoscopy is used. The dermoscopy is a small handheld device which is consists of a magnifying glass, a focused light, a handle, and a rig to keep them together.  

In the initial stage of the procedure, the doctor decides whether to look the nail as the whole unit or to exam its different parts one by one.   

After that, an examination called the dry examination is performed on the nail. In this procedure, there is no need to use an interface medium. 
After the first examination, the doctor performs the second procedure called wet examination. In this procedure, the interface medium is used. The interface medium helps in making the nail more transparent, which helps in the examination of the inner layers of the nails.  

After both of the procedures are done, the doctor creates the final report highlighting the disease that is needed to be cured. It helps in designing the proper nail treatment procedure that can be applied to the patient to cure his disease.
To treatment disease, it is crucial to understand it first and to do that. You need to perform some diagnostics. In the case of nails, this process is called Onychoscopy.


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